Systemic & emdr psychotherapY

Welcome to my website!

I am a systemic psychotherapist, educationalist, and an extraordinary member of Wielopolskie Towarzystwo Terapii Systemowej and Polskie Towarzystwo Terapii EMDR. I work under constant supervision and expand my competencies by participating in training, courses, and conferences. In my therapeutic practice, I work with adults and adolescents from the age of 16. 

I gained therapeutic experience by conducting classes with children and adolescents and consulting with their parents and guardians. In the office, I work with people struggling with family, relational, and professional problems, as well as life and emotional crises. I specialize in individual psychotherapy and parenting counseling.

About my work

In my therapeutic work, I adhere to the principle that it is the client that is the expert on their emotions and experiences. My role is to help – through questions and various psychotherapeutic interventions – to discover their psychological resources and the best ways to function and realize their potential.

I am close to the idea that people are made up of stories – about themselves, their environment, and their experiences. No two people are the same and no two perspectives are alike. These perspectives can depend on our experiences, genes, the structure of our nervous system, the influences of the environment we grew up in, the ways we communicate in the family, and many other factors. I believe it takes curiosity, kindness, and openness to understand this mosaic of elements and a unique view of one’s story. I believe it takes curiosity, kindness, and openness to understand this mosaic of elements and a unique view of one’s story.

Participating in the process of change in the lives of my clients is my passion. In a therapeutic relationship, my core values are trust, respect, neutrality, and authenticity.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.


The appointments in the offer below can take place in person or online by appointment.
Each appointment lasts 50-55 minutes and costs 180 zł.
There is a terminal in the office, so payment can be made cashless.


50-55 min/180 zł | stationary/online

The first meeting(s) are introductory - this gives me a chance to get to know the client and the issue(s) that made them decide to visit. Sometimes, consultations are all a person needs for the moment; sometimes it becomes a process of individual psychotherapy. Everyone is treated individually, considering their current needs and my ability to provide professional help. ometimes the best I can do for a person is to present possible forms of support and pass on phone numbers to other specialists or names of dedicated therapies, to this particular problem, that I don't work with. .


50-55 min/180 zł | stationary/online

Most consultations result with a decision to start cooperation in the form of a psychotherapy. Then we establish the principles of collaboration and frequency of meetings, taking into account individual needs and the standards of an effective psychotherapeutic process. In my practice, I often meet with clients every two weeks, but depending on the needs and purpose of the meetings, the frequency can be higher or lower.

Counseling for Parents
or Guardians

50-55 min/180 zł | stationary/online

Consultation on parenting challenges is a nod to parents and guardians who want to raise their child with the best possible awareness. In my opinion, the parents/guardians have the power to influence the younger generation to the greatest extent - that's why I don't usually work with the whole family, only with the adults responsible for giving structure, following the principle that one change entails subsequent changes.

in English

50-55 min/180 zł | stationary/online

It is possible to conduct meetings in English. Before a full-scale consultation, I suggest having a few minutes of a telephone conversation to see if our language skills will allow us to communicate. 🙂